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SP-1000SF The Priport DX4545 from Ricoh replaces the Priport DX4542. Printing at 120 pages per minute with some significant enhancements, the DX4545 reaches a new level of sophistication. This device is easily embedded in your network and offers new possibilities to track your print costs. Uniquely designed masters, special inks and print pressure control guarantee excellent image quality. Discover how the DX 4545 combines cost-efficiency with superior functions and print results.

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Print Speed

120ppm Mono

Print Resolution

600 x 600 dpi

First Print Speed

Less than 24 seconds


87 kg

Paper Capacity

1,000 sheets

Network Controller Printer




Printing Process

Press roller system, fully automatic one-drum system

New RPCS Network Controller

The FV-Lt network controller has the capabilities of achieving more functions in comparison to its predecessor, these include: Web Image Monitor, Smart Device Monitor and Desktop Binder.

Fine mode

The DX4545 boasts the capabilities of producing masters in 400 x 600dpi, when in Fine Mode. This makes the machine ideal for printing photo images and other important documentation.

Noise Reduction

A common concern with Digital Duplicators in general is the amount of noise that they create when in use. The DX4545 incorporates special noise absorbing pads, which reduces noise output thus making it ideal for schools and offices.

Remote capability

The FV-Lt controller enables Remote capability in the DX4545.

Custom Made Colour Inks

The availability of Custom Made Colour Inks has proven advantageous for the Priport range especially as this benefit is not shared by the MFP/LP range. Demands for spot colour printing on letter heads, invoices and other personalized documentation still remains strong. The DX4545 has the capabilities of spot colour printing in both standard and custom made colour inks which are Ricoh Global Standard compliant.

Enhanced Security

The DX4545 features a user tool access lock for security enhancement. In environments where anyone can access the machine, this function keeps the user tool settings from being changed without administrator�s permission. Access is controlled by password that administrator creates as he/she